Video game addiction
is an impulse control disorder that can seriously affect family and work lives. Many do not even realize they have it.

This is her story.

Some days my husband spends ridiculous amounts of hours playing video games. He doesn’t even realize it and nothing gets done. It could be a Saturday, like today, and he would be playing the whole day. 

He has a high-stress job that requires him to sometimes stay extra hours so I try to respect his space and give him his time. We’ve had a lot of ‘talks’ and he says he needs time to adjust to the family but he needs to do it on his own. It’s led me to feel lonely and ignored.

He is still responsible and there when we need him, but it still leaves me feeling empty when most of his joy time is filled with other things. 

He’s been trying to do better since we’ve had our talks; he approaches me to watch something on television every now and then, and he plays with our son more often. 

But I can’t ask him to do things and expect him to do it right away. I can’t nag him about it either because he just won’t do it at all and will feel like he is being controlled by me. 

I have to hide my feelings on the situation because it never brings anything good except fights. But it ticks at me when I hear him typing away in his computer to his gamer buddies or when he’s on his headset laughing.

Why isn’t he laughing with me instead?

Why don’t I have nights dedicated to me instead of his games? 

I feel guilty for feeling this way. After all, he’s our provider and he does everything possible to keep us happy and comfortable. But why do I want more from him when he’s already given us so much?

Most days I ignore my feelings, but some days it hits me how I feel and how helpless I can be. I’ve heard of wives who toss away their husband’s games or sell them, or wives who control their husband’s gaming time. 

My husband has made it very clear to me I should never do that to him. And I nod because I know the outcome of that would be a rift between us

I respect his time, his hobbies, and his desires. It seems like lately I’ve been trying to fill my time more and more with things I like and my mommy chores to try and avoid the fact that my husband is in his own world. Sometimes I approach him with something that bothers me and it’s like he can’t provide that comfort anymore. He’s too busy looking at his screen to really pay me his full attention. 

Some days are hard, like today. Some days are just too hard to deal with it, to cope. So I just try to come online and write it out, and maybe feel better. I still feel selfish because he really is a good husband, but no one is perfect and everyone has their flaws. This is one that bothers me greatly.

I just want a better way to cope with it.